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The ERDTEC Automotive Engineering GmbH, with the headquarters in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf, Southern Germany, is engineering service provider in the sphere of development and construction with a longstanding experience of work for enterprises of different branches, with the aim to guide products from concept to successful production. The distinguishing mark of our success is:

  1. We understand our task, not only as an implementation of manufacturing-friendly and cost-optimized contract software, but we also want to offer the best solution for it.
  2. We are growing together with your growth and that's why we are trying to ensure that you have the greatest benefit from our established Know-how.
  3. We want to think and to work mutually, what we say, we do believe and what we promise, we do keep.
  4. Our experience is well-tried. We have gathered and repeatedly demonstrated a longstanding experience in the sphere of development, design and prototyping as well as testing and supply

Consequently, we see these principles as the basis for a successful partnership and cooperation in achieving common goals.

No matter whether it is concerned with complete exhaust system from manifold to rear silencer, interior, exterior parts inside or on the vehicle (e.g, sheet metal, or plastic parts), the driver control systems (chassis switch module, start-stop door handle sensor, etc.), safety systems (such as mechanism of safety belts), coolant solution coolers, lift tables, rail vehicles, tools (e.g. uniform follow-on composite tools), or aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die casting.


ERDTEC Automotive Engineering GmbH | Holder├Ąckerstrasse 8 | 70499 Stuttgart | Tel.: +49 (0)711 6868 665